What are you drinking tonight?


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Speyside Single malt Whisky

Two fingers ( at a time) in a frozen glass/ neat.

Extremely smooth with a lot of caramel and very little peat.

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Boring old grapefruit juice again lol..

Not that I mind. No more Scotch Whiskey for me.
Ginn is my new tonic lol, and what to mix with Ginn..
Getting distilled grans out of the picture, as they seem not to like me much.
Juniper berries are not grain. I will see if it helps, and so far it has.
Fingers crossed...


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Can't best a saphire martini, dirty, three olives. So dry. Throw an ounce or two of vermouth in the shaker with ice, roll it, dump it all out, pour in the saphire. Yum


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And here's tonight's wine. A 2012 syrah. Not bad at all.


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Absenthe Manhatten:

1 oz 158 proof Absente Grande Absenthe
1 oz Weller Reserve Bourbon
2 oz Rivata Sweet Vermouth
3 dashes Lemon Bitters