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  • had a great time, spent a few days out on my cusins boat fishing (Bass and Northern)same lure.... who would have thought:whistling: i tryed to paste a pic in this message but for some reason it only wants a link?:unsure: any way thanks for asking,always good to see the family and relations especialy over the fourth of July:clap:

    next time i'm up there i'll buy you a beer.:beer:
    Any time Ironman. Pleasure to help. Just a word of warning. Take one for a test drive and you will be hooked. LOL.
    I have the Sonata with the 4 banger. Not the high performance model at all, just a nice family type 4 door sedan. I have seen the 400 HP at the dealership and it is a nice car. I am very impressed with the Hyundai. Fit and finish is great, runs great and is well made. Made right here in the USA too, I may add. In my opinion it is a lot of car for the money. Happy Motoring!!
    Thank you. They weren't as nice as I like - the pan was a hotter than I thought. I make mine last so by the time I make the other 3 peoples eggs the pan is hot and I forgot to let it cool a bit before I cooked mine. SO they were a bit brown and I HATE brown eggs but I dealt with it this time. LOL
    the oldies're the goodies, song-wise. transports me to 2000 when i bout that.
    IM...Hope you are all right....we got a sprinkle and thats all here on the lake in our area......later Jerry
    That is the exact look when they fart but , can't identify the source of the smell...:yum::yum::yum:

    saving for future avitar:wink:
    IM...sonething I have noticed ....almost any time I post on a thread that thread just stops...or someone makes a coment that a spamer is on again.....so Im going to bid farewell...just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed knowing ya on here.....I see you are on some of the other tractor forums...see ya there ...Jerry
    doing fine..still on a cane... am working on walking without it...going to take a while.....later Jerry
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