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  • Thanks for letting me know, I'm just worried about the guy. I can take verbally viscous. I've been through more shit in my life than you can believe. in a one and a half year period my house was burglarized 2 nights later on my way to work I was almost killed when I wrecked my truck. About 9 months later my brother died he was only 49. About 6 months later my mom died. Shit even my cat died the same day as my brother
    Did you see Deadly Sushi's post? Is he serious? I'm trying to get anyone still here to talk to him and do anything to help him
    Yes sometimes i am fed up with this.Because nobody answer me pm me.Some times I give up.And again i log time to time.I have added two albums.when u have time go through them
    Thanks for messaging me
    Hey, old timer. Shouldn't you be getting your beauty rest? I've seen you; you should be resting. :smileywac :yum: :poke:

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