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  • Something weird is happening on my trivia answers. When I play, my scores record. Then a while later they go away. I play again, scores stick.

    It's not really a problem. I'll never receive the big bucks for first prize. But it's curious.

    Does anyone else have this problem?
    Is this okay to post in the JOKE area or is it too gross?

    Two men were out camping. After a few days they started getting on each other’s nerves so they decided to go hiking in different directions.

    They came back and the first one said he had a great day. He found a nice lake to swim and fish in.

    The second one said he had a great day too. He explained that he found a railroad track and followed it until he saw a beautiful woman tied to the tracks. He said he untied her, carried her away from the tracks and they had wonderful sex all afternoon.

    The first guy said, WOW! That’s great! Did you get a blow job too?”

    The second one said, “Nah. I couldn’t find her head.”

    When I play trivia, sometimes, actually often, I will post and an hour or so later my participation has disappeared. I've been watching it closely and I have been hitting the post button and get a confirmation. Any ideas?
    How do I delete a post or thread I made, I go to edit and cannot find a way to delete it? What am I missing? Thanks
    Doc, have you considered turning on the like button? It works well on other sites I visit. Saves some inane comments, and makes it easy to agree.
    Hi Doc. Somehow I just knew that you guys would love this one. It was sent to me by Guts.
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