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  • just wanted to let ya know i have a 67 sw48 parts manuel and owners manuel if you would like me to send them so you could digitize them send me your addy and we will do it up we had 3 bombardiers now we have 1 that is a foot wider on the tracks must be the 60 i just was always told it was put together after production to stop it from being tippy works well in the woods we have used this paticular 1 since like 1978 well let me know where to send it hear from ya soon.
    tried to send pics. after 5 min. darn thing said there was tec. dificulty.
    guess its time to put it back in the shop
    Bob, anything you can share with me on your e-cigs. My doctor is looking at them for myself and someone else as an alternative.............he is not using all fda fodder, but using some manufacturers information.

    Hello! I`m from Norway and work/living in Svalbard. 78`N. I have 2 snow-trac. My family have 7 snow-trac/trac-master total. In 1957 they sold 3 off 4 snow-trac to Norway. 2 off this in Hallingdal and 1 in Telemark.
    Good Afternoon, We may have conversed before, about manuals. I used to have a 1450 DMC/LMC super Imp etc. I offered to send you the manual for coping but never got around to it before selling the machine. I would simply give you the E-mail address of the new owner, but I don't know the man well enough to share it without his permission. Thanks, Tom Gyger (borvig)
    If you are interested I have the following Bombardier Bombi manuals in PDF format:

    1975 Ford engine parts manual 4MB
    1975 operators manual 7.3 MB
    1979 Bombi parts manual 9.1 MB

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