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  • Did you ever go to "Mind Romps?" a few of the people here go went there. I got P' OD there is no moderation there just bunch of guys acting out their 2nd childhood.
    Yep I saw that. I will go there just to mess with them but giving him CA$H is something else. Think I can get people to petition to not pay until Mikkey is allowed back in? I never did find out what he did.

    As for Saltwn I thought I had a lot of time on my hands but she seems to always be in there.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes! Just read about your Grand Daughter. Just Damn! As I get older the prayer list gets longer but you've been on it all along.
    Dumb question: I saw an old post by Joec. I haven' seen hi in ages. I thought that I read that he died. Do you know? If he did I'm sorry because he was a friend of mine here and I always liked him.
    Thanks, He is a handful! He's a "Spuds Mckenzie" or the Target dog("Bullseye") His name is Curtiss and he just turned four and he likes to sit behind me when we go for car rides. Thanks for being a friend and I would like to extend my friendship to you!
    i'm kinda weak, & snooze way too often. got great docs/nurses that see me. i lost 7 lbs in a few wks.,-- TY 4 keeping me in ur thoughts~ luvs/aubrey
    Thanks for letting us know what happened with Muleman. Bearing bad news is one of the worst things a person has to do. It sure can't be easy for you to do.
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