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  • What the hay!?!? An ONJ song without any pictures of ONJ?!?! I been robbed, I tell you, robbed!!! :hammer: Now I gotta go find some pictures of that cutie to go with them sexy vocals....
    You have been allowed back into my very small/elite list of friends...for now. :rolleyes:
    Little pirate,
    All is fine.
    I hang out on Thoughts.com. Also askmen.com (you can't go there, men ONLY) That site is full of US hating Arabs and it keeps me busy. You can tell how popular I am. LOL
    I left FF when the mods blew their top about a honest question that I raised.
    How are you and your babies?
    Thanks Pal,
    Hi, Sweetie Pie. I hope that you have a wonderful Mother's Day! I know you make a big difference in lots of peoples' lives; I hope there is someone special to give you comfort. I wish for you nothing but health, happiness, financial security and someone special who deserves and appreciates you to share it with.
    well at least i can still talk to you here... i really did enjoy meeting you and looking for vegetarian dishes for you... everytime i go to the grocery store now, i look for meat alternatives, meatless options and i end up buying meat but at least i am looking now..lol all cuz of you
    Where I've been is a long story. First, I packed up my entire flat to move to a new flat...which fell through at the last minute. Then my son decided to stay for twice as long. And I've been laid up in agony ever since...the entire left side of my body is giving me agony.

    No matter though, how are you? xxx
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