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  • Hello, franc. I just wanted share a purchase I made with you and didn't want to post on the forum. Antifa's arrival at Sturgis convinced me I need something more than a .357 revolver for home defense so I ordered a Rock River Arms RRAGE carbine. It will take .223 or 5.56. They must be really busy 'cause my dealer said they told him it will be 60-90 days out for delivery. I plan to get 500 .223 brass and the dies and spend the winter reloading with hollow points. It comes with a 30 rd magazine and I plan to buy 2 more. I bought some open sights for it also 'cause if SHTF I don't want to be trying to get crosshairs on an asshole. The only reason I bought this is for defense. Anyway, just wanted to share the news with you.
    Did you see Deadly Sushi's post? Is he serious? I'm trying to get anyone still here to talk to him and do anything to help him
    Where ya been, Franc? FF is really dropping membership, so did you all find another site to fight the good fight?
    i cant post proper.....but get on your apron gay boy when the forum is up proper we need a serious chat....bring your boyfriend pmsl
    Franc, stumbled upon another interesting discussion site -- US Message Board

    The thing is 90% politics and looks like no holds barred debate. Check it out.
    Hey old man. Great place here or what. Nice people. I do not miss our last place at all. I've got 5 friends here already. That's more than my non internet life. LOL!!!!!
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