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Hi. Welcome to the world of snow cats. I see your in Helena. Me too. There’s several others here from Montana too. Good luck with the Kristi’s. Do you only have the one? I might be able to hook you up with another. I’ll check on it in the next week or so if you want. It had a “bad” transmission. Bart
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Hi, Bart. I have a Kristi KT3 that is a reliable runner. I put about 30 hours on it this winter, including on Canyon Ferry Reservoir in Feb.

The KT2A is a long term resto project. Will have to get good at fiberglass fabrication for sure, since that would seem to be a place to start.

Let me know of others that might be out there. It’s a sickness that knows no cure.
Hi there. Do you have any St4 tires left ? I mean the Trelleborg ? In that case what is the price ? // Robert, Sweden