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Love that game, listening close for the change in tone for the subtle tire to surface contact, lieing to yourself, "yup, that's gravel".....

or in the cat wondering if you are listing port or starboard, because tilt gauges are silly....
don't worry google has an app for that. cars on snow mobile trails are way out of hand this year, the towing companies are stating the issue is map quest and other map serivces don't have seasonal roads in their data bases.
In the summer they call this road the Mackenzie River. The red Quattro in the foreground is mine. No center line, no fog line. Snow berms for shoulders.


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Love the quattro, I have a Quantum Syncro Wagon. I keep that car around just because of the locking differentials. I can't believe they sold those cars to the general public in that configuration.
locking center and rear diffs.

My Mackenzie road is the Rat River leading out to Little Lake Butte Des Morts.

are you running studs?
That photo was taken in 1996 near Inuvik NWT. I found that locking the center diff only was best for high speed driving. I ran NOKIAN HAKKAPELIITTA studded tires. They were incredible. In 1995 I ran some non studded Michelins on the 4000CS Quattro and they had poor side grip as I found out sliding sideways off the road somewhere in BC.

I don't have that Coupe Quattro anymore. She was a finicky bitch. It was a love hate relationship.