sno(w) cat serenade, march 10-16, 2021


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Have Reservations! And we are planning on bringing the 1963 443. Can hardly wait!!


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a gentle reminder:

come for one day or stay for all 7 days, be sure to take time to enjoy all that is Sun Valley, from skiing to sitting pool side. There is more than enough snow catting adventures, to take a day to do something special. Sun Valley is a such a special place, come and enjoy all that is Sun Valley.

As we all know, all too well, we are living in very unusual times and Sun Valley Inc, is and will continue it's commitment to keeping everyone safe and that is my single goal, it is important to have everyone go home healthy with a lifetime of wonderful memories.

The info/goodie bags will contain a detailed schedule of events and directions to each days adventure, along with snow cat stickers, so we are legal and compliant with usage laws, t-shirts, all on trail lunches, snow cat idaho stickers are provided at no charge, etc etc etc

First, our room rate at Sun Valley Inn, will be $225.00 King bed and $245.00 for 2 Queen beds, plus taxes, the rates are higher if you want to stay in Sun Valley Lodge. I post the link to make room reservations in a separate post.

March 10, 2021, Wednesday
Arrive, checkin, relax, have a nice dinner, after dinner gathering, getting your info and goodie bags, I will be hosting it at the sun Valley Inn lounge, 7 pm ish

March 11, 2021, Thursday
Heading north over Gelena Summit into the Stanley Basin, fabulous area with unbelievable views of some of the most majestic mountains in the world. On trail lunch provided, we will be leaving Sun Valley 9am, I will be hosting after dinner meet and greet in the Sun Valley Inn lounge, 7pm ish, will be handing out info/goodie bags for those that arrive that day

March 12, 2021, Friday
Going south to the Soldier Mountain area, big vast area, good day, leave Sun Valley 8 am, come prepared to have a great day, on trail lunch provided, hosting after dinner gathering, this time over at Sun Valley Lodge, in the Eddie Duchin lounge, they have live music, will have info/goodie bags available for those that come in on Friday, 7 ish, see ya there.

March 13, 2021, Saturday

West out of Baker Creek snow park and heading up Fox Peak, 28 mile round trip, with lunch on top of the mountain, and on a clear day you can see forever, leave 9 am and that evening we will be going to Trail Creek Cabin for dinner, we will be doing the first seating, additional details will be posted as we get closer to the event.

March 14, 2021, Sunday

This time, we are headed east from Baker Creek snow park, going deep into the mountains with on trail lunch provided, again, 9 am departure time. It is bowling/piazza night, Sun Valley Lodge, the alley is in the basement, gathering at 6pm.

March 15, 2021, Monday

thinking those that came on in early and went out on Thursday's cat adventure over Gelena Summit into the Stanley Basin are really wishing we could spend more time there, well, your wish is coming true, headed back over Gelena into the Stanley Basin, 9 am departure, a very special on trail lunch, yummmm, and I will host the last night gathering for drinks in the Sun Valley Lodge lounge. 7ish

March 16, 2021

Last chance to go skiing, if you have not done so before, say our good byes and hope we meet again in Sun Valley, 2022

questions are welcome and I will do my best to reply asap.

and attached it the link for making reservations, the rates reflect our discount for the rooms

happy new year 2021
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I did not see anything about the Rocket Sled event in the itinerary, is this still going to be an activity? If so I know that myself and at least one other Idaho resident will be bringing a custom super modified IDAHO sled, where full cheating will be incorporated.

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I did not see anything about the Rocket Sled event in the itinerary, is this still going to be an activity? If so I know that myself and at least one other Idaho resident will be bringing a custom super modified IDAHO sled, where full cheating will be incorporated.
yes yes yes, rocket sled competition per North Dakota rules

oregon kids will have 2 super rocket sleds

day and location to be announced soon
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Yes, Yes, Yes...

We are going forward with the Sno(w) cat Serenade, Sun Valley, Idaho, March 10-16, 2021.

Come for one day or seven days, there will be a snow cat adventure each day. This longer schedule gives folks a chance to enjoy all that Sun Valley offers, like skiing, ice staking, X-country skiing or just sitting pool side.

Put it on your calender, and watch for details to be posted in the coming weeks.

and Yes, we are very aware of the corvid-19 restrictions and concerns, we are fully prepared to take all precautions and will be taking your health and safety seriously, the number one goal is for everyone to come, have a very enjoyable time and go home healthy. Sun Valley has successfully adjusted operations to become a leader in how to provide safe environment for all guests and employees.

All makes, models and even the ugly unloved cats are welcome!

Looking forward to seeing each and everyone at the Festival of Snow Cats, A Gathering of old Grousers, Sno(w) Cat Serenade, March, 10-16, 2021

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we are all in! we are new to the Forum! we will be coming from the Vail Pass Jamboree! New to us 72 Cat previously a trail groomer in Nh. Roger And Debbie!


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Camping! OK, I've been a bit back logged on this. I was going to do a survey monkey....

How many of the serenade folks think they 1:will camp 2:want camp 3:might camp 4 won't camp 5: what you crazy?

only 1-3 need reply. OK, the camping location is the Baker Creek Campground where we based lunch out of last year. While I love snow camping, I know it's not everyone's thing. The initial idea is group meals for dinner, breakfast. everyone provide own accommodations. I will coordinate cooking etc. Now, while Baker Creek is not the Stanley Basin (where the record low temp for cont US was set) it may be a tad cold so some preparation is in line. I have located a camping rental company that will ship to ? (if folks need this, I will contact the inn and see if they will accept the package for you). But, I suspect most snow campers have their own equipment.

If it doesn't work for you on this trip, I do urge you to try snow camping, it is my favorite camping experience.