sno(w) cat serenade, march 10-16, 2021


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Snow depth and stability is improved since December and January. Going to be a little south of here tomorrow.


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Last year my son and I were gifted a magnificent piece of art with the caveat that we returned a sculpture of sorts or it goes back. For a longtime I thought it was going back and that was the easy way out.

Below is last years Tucker Metal sculpture for those of you who did not attend. Quite a masterpiece and whoever took it was faced with a daunting task of at least making a project to stand on the shoulder of this giant!

The kids and I finally completed our sculpture. We hope the group approves and we appreciate the opportunity!

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project "OG"

Original Gathering of Old Grouser Parts

All parts are authentic Tucker A/Standard grouser, rollers, nuts, links, pins with the exception of the cotterpins and vintage ski.

Working Rollers
Chalkboard Ski
Questionable Welds
Removable Cotterpins
Removable links accessories available in Pontoon Princess, Pontoon Prince, and Grouser Neutral colors.

Event MasCat can been seen live this year at SV2021!

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My wife and I also have our flights, room and SUV booked, should be able to meet up for dinner Thursday night if all goes well and enjoy all that Sun Valley has to offer Fri, Sat, Sun...can't wait to see more faces associated with all the awesome snowcats in this group! Is anyone else that attended the 2021 Snowcat Clowder in Michigan going to be at this snowcat serenade?

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couple weeks out and all is good to go

please park in the same lot as last year, it is the St Moritz lot

and for anyone, needing info and or help.

please contact via PM me on the forums

otherwise, I will be buying drinks Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night at 7 pm in the Rams Head lounge, it is located in the Sun Valley Inn, and that is where you can pickup up your info packet...
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