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  • Okay cool, thanks for the response :) do you fabricate the axle or outsourced? Are your axles up for sale or keeping around for spares I assume?
    I'm attempting to track down (no puns intended) an axle for my dad's 1969 Tucker. Model 440 AC I believe... it's a fiberglass pontoon rig. The driver's side axle shaft failed about 100 metres from the trailhead last week :(

    Wondering where an axle shaft/differential assembly can be found for this beast, and (possibly a looooong shot...) getting it tracking for Mother's Day weekend tucker adventure :)
    Good day, Question, what is the trade name for the black plastic you used on the poly rollers? Also, is the steel hardened? Going to try and build a few. Thanks Gord.
    Thank you for the info on the cat in encampment. I tried to locate the owner thru the Wyoming parks and wildlife off road permit program but they only track snowmobiles. Called Warren AFB and they are looking into their records as to when they disposed of it and to whom. My reason is to hopefulily locate it and buy it for the purpose of restoration. Seems surreal to have 3 of those 4 cats within 20 miles of me and know that at least three have been or will be restored. Seems fitting to do the same to the fourth. If, however, you have plans to do the same I will back off. Please let me know. I will gladly share whatever I find with you if you are pursuing this cat. Thank you for your help..Tom
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