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FINALLY recognized for my contributions to the University


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First, the students love me.

Second, the students recognized me as a help/coach from day 1, which was literally 2+ years ago.

But now, in my 3rd year legal contract with Purdue University, it, for the first time seems legit, I am actually recognized as a real coach.

This is my hobby/passion. Teaching an Olympic skill. Teaching a martial art. Teaching self confidence. Teaching personal accomplishment. Teaching self defense. Teaching self reliance.

So recognition as a coach is awesome. At least it is to me. Officially I am now a coach. The warm up jacket says so. For the past couple of years I've signed a contract that says so. But the students paid for, and gave me this warm up jacket. It came from their funds. I may have a contract with Purdue University, but it is clear that, far more importantly, I have some respect and I have the confidence of the member of the Purdue Fencers.

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