15% higher food prices by October 2020


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Major food suppliers are warning of even higher prices.

At least one supermarket chain owner is projecting a minimum of 10% higher prices by October and probably 15% is reasonable on most food items.

We have been intentionally letting our food supply drop down. We are at 50% of our pandemic levels for our stored staples. Yesterday we started building our food storage again with a trip to the grocery store. Prices have been steadily climbing for months. Another 15% increase in 2-5 months, especially when it is predicted by many in the food industry, seems pretty likely.

Some prices are skyrocketing, COFFEE is up big. Some are not. We are trying to be selective, but we are rebuilding. Not for fear that we won't get food. But for pure consumer/economic reasons. If we are going to eat it anyway, and if we have a place to store it, then it just makes sense to buy it now. Obviously can't really stock up on bread. But shelf stable items like E.V.Olive Oil, coffee, canned goods, boxed goods, etc are all fair game for savings. If you have freezer space the savings on some items can pay for a new freezer in 1 year.

Savings accounts and money markets = ZERO yield right now.
Buying food today that will cost 10-15% more very soon = 10-15% yield in 3 months! That is a substantial annual return on your investment.


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I've been trying to be careful on my grocery shopping trips.
Coffee yes, is outrageous.
I buy kcups, usually the larger box.
One supermarket has their brand.
I've been buying that.
Last week Gevalia was 7.99 for 12 cups.
Prior to that, I bought Cafe Bustelo in the large box and made it last.
I don't buy a lot of extra junk anymore.
Meat prices are ridiculous.
I refuse to pay $25 for a good steak, and a thin one at that.
Ground beef was going upwards of I believe $9 per pound, same for bacon.
I've been opting for cheaper cuts of beef and chicken drum sticks.


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Yep, out here I watched the family pack of boneless skinless chicken breast, go from $1.98 to 3.99 # in 8 months. I talked to the store manager one day he was at the check out. He said its mostly due to worker shortages right now, or at least thats what the suppliers are telling him. That and the money devaluation. Look for it to get much worse in coming months.


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We have been slowly adding to our long term stores. Including freeze dried survival staples. We have peach and mango halves that are canned in their sauces and good for our years.

If II I haven't already, I would like to introduce ya'll to Keystone canned meats. Simply prepared with no preservatives but a little salt. They are good for five years. It's basically a chunk of pot roast, not too fatty, canned in it's own Juices. Throw one can of beef, one can of beans, one of potatoes and one of carrots it easily feeds five to six people.

And it's good.

They also have chicken and pork. You'll find them at Wal-Mart

In the bottom of my chest freezer
Two 50Lbs of beans,
Two 25 Lb of flour
One 50 lbs of rice.
Some 40 packets of dried yeast

I also grow heirloom Tomatoes because, as they are not hybrids, they re-seed true.