Prayer request for our forum rock, Jim.


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Ya at this point its all we can do :(

Have you tried to call where he is and get an update PG?
I said I KNOW where he is, like the type of facility where he is.
Which one I do not know.
I've had a lot of forum members both on this and another asking me about Jim.
I believe after last speaking to him he's at that point in his life where illness and livelihood are waaaaay more important than being on an internet forum.
He's given us a lot of years here.
Now let US give him peace, quiet and contentment without the constant wondering about any news.
Jim knows what's going on.
Let's stop thinking about if or when he's going to suddenly appear again.
Remember him with love, ok?
Last time we talked, he expressed that he sure loves and misses us.


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Rejoice, for he has touched our lives and brought joy and laughter!! Give praise, that his pain has finally ended and his beautiful memories continue as long as we share them. I give thanks for his life and all he did for the many he knew, and for his final release from these earthly bonds.....

I shed a tear for I wish miss him, he was always kind to me......go with God and know true peace in His arms.

God bless,


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Jim Jim Jim ... I'm going to miss you buddy. The forums will never be the same without you.
You were always ready to help,
You gave and gave some more.
You were a friend to many in time of need. I am so sorry we had no way to communicate with you during the past couple of months. I do hope you see how much you meant to so many of us here on FF. Rest in Peace buddy.


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Here is a link to Jim's Obit.

There is a place for those of us who want can sign his memory book.