KRISTI KT2A “Rescue” of Sorts


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New to this forum as an active member after lurking for quite a while.

As a Kristi KT3 owner, I am always on the lookout for these little units here in Montana. Found this junked KT2A couple years ago and finally made a deal w/ the owner and retrieved it last week.

It is in very tough condition and had been out in the elements for a very long time. According to the SN, it dates to 1960. All the hydraulics had been stripped. Engine (1300 cc) is frozen. Front end had been damaged years ago and the nose repaired with a wooden laminate that clearly failed. Trans, diff, clamshells and other drive components seem good as does the cockpit frame. Tub and top marginal at best. Grousers may be recoverable from the track. Sprockets are the narrow old style.

I am very open to advice on possible avenues to proceed. Keeping my KT3 in reliable running condition is challenge enough w/o taking on a major restoration.

Thanks for any ideas or interest.


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