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Alpine Cat Jamboree 2023


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There was some GREAT powder to play in here. We all stopped for some good BS.



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Repeat picture here, but I needed to throw out a huge THANK YOU to the Rockin' BK crew and cat. When the Frandee was having fuel/engine issues and very poor traction I had to abandon the summit attempt of Mt. Howard. These guys passed on the summit attempt with their cat, turned around, and followed me out in the event I needed a tow/rescue. All I can say is I have made some increadilbly great friends in the snow cat community. Thanks to Mark and Beth, Jim and Kathlynn, for being there for us!



I did get my steering issue finally solved!!! It was the orbitrol. I could see it was replaced by the previous owner however they put an under sized replacement on. It was a 2 gpm capacity and my pump puts out 4 on the priority side and 9 on the secondary side. In trying to figure out my slow steering issue I had eliminated the groomer controls and plumbed the secondary side to the orbitrol. Well sending 9 gpm to a 2 gpm orbitrol caused my hydraulic over heat issues. My local hydraulic shop, Geneva Hydraulics was great and with their help I got a new 4 gpm orbitrol and the Tucker steers great!!

Thanks to everyone and there help along the way. Looking forward to next year and making it through the whole event!!

Rock'n BK

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You know how great was it that all the gals had such a great time!! I am sure they all had a pic together. It is a special gal that enjoys the cat adventure. Someone needs to post that pic at the lodge.


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Thank you for the additional photos, and the young ladies and her husband be sure to tell your Marine thank you for his dedication and service, from an Airborne Ranger from years gone way by First infantry Div 1966 1967 Vietnam, Cambodia , Burma , Laos , the places we didn’t go to , he is a good man doing what is right for his country


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after looking at previous event photos and we got the ok from "The Animal” Barboza. several snow tracks from Washington will be making an appearance this year.

Sounds like your having a great time ! We switched it all up just running around in the Trawler now. Hope all is well.


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Which cat are you working on there? That looks like the six belt set up and same style grousers as Squatch. I thought I had the only wide track Tucker in the pack.
I was wondering myself, The curve in the next grouser kind of answered my question, but I am wondering how that style is holding up over all.