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What are you listening to?


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I've been a fan of Tori Amos since the release of Little Earthquakes in the early 90's. I always felt she brought her own flavor to musical creativity, often breaking the mold, and other times shattering it completely. What I did not realize until recently, is just how well recorded her music is. So here I was, in the midst of a Tori Amos "rediscovery" period, when I come across a youtube video by Rick Beato on Tori, and he's raving about a Tori Amos EP that I never even knew existed. Turns out, this 5-song EP has three (3) covers that she did around the time of Little Earthquakes release, and they are SPECTACULAR. She did her own versions of Angie (Rolling Stones), Thank You (Led Zepplin) and Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana). The cover of Smells like Teen Spirit is the one that really blows me away - Not to start a fight, but I think her version is MUCH better than the original - it is SO DARK...

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I'm currently tuned into a fantastic playlist while catching up on my favorite Hulu shows! The perfect combo of music and streaming makes for a delightful evening. I recently discovered some incredible tracks that sync well with the Hulu originals, enhancing the overall viewing experience. It's amazing how the right music can elevate the drama or add a touch of excitement to a scene. If you're looking for recommendations, I'd be happy to share some gems from my current playlist.

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For over 40 years the same 4 guys have been riding Harleys and done just what the tune implies, a bunch. Lotsa of great memories and escapades, we’ve had a lot of fun and entertained a few.


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The greatest piano solo ever filmed, IMO. The sh!t eating grins on the faces of Kessel and the Great Dane are nearly worth the price of admission. I can't even imagine Kessel's inner dialogue, thinking to himself: I gotta follow that!?

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My all time favorite reading of Over The Rainbow. Judy Garland and Iz Kamakawiwoʻole are the runners up, and it’s not even close.

If you’re unfamiliar with Eva Cassidy, she started to gain a little traction in the early 90s. A major label or two took her for a spin, but nothing ever materialized. Eva sang everything – pop, jazz, blues, folk – and refused to be pigeonholed into any one genre. Someone in her camp had Brit connections, and her music found its way to England, where it exploded. Suddenly people like Sting, McCartney, Mick Fleetwood, Rod Stewart, et al, were all singing her praises. That happened in late '95 IIRC. This was recorded in January of '96. A couple-three months after this gig she started not feeling well. Cancer was diagnosed, and she was gone by Thanksgiving.