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Table saw question


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I have a 1 HP (I think) 10" craftsman table saw. I have been using it a lot lately and I cut thick hard wood. 8/4 Purple heart 8/4 Had maple and several other 4/4 hardwoods.

A few days ago, it started screaming like a banchee. Yesterday I noticed it starting up slowly. Eventually later in the evening, it stopped altogether. It pops the breaker when it trys to start. I took the belt off and started the motor. It runs, but, it still makes s similar although quieter screaming sound. The blade spins freely and the bearings do not seem noisy. I am pretty sure the motor is bad.

A new motor is $325. I am thinking the motor is too small for the wood that I am cutting. Cos is definitely a factor. Has anyone ever had a motor repaired? Is it worth it?

Any other comments would be helpful.

Thank You



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1. is it plugged direct into an outlet?
2. a good reman shop should be able to fix it fairly reasonable.
3. If they are over 1/2 horse it is usually cheaper to reman
I had my hot tub motor done back in 98 and it is still running.


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I agree with Bill, have the motor rebuilt . It's cheaper than going for a new motor . And,not to step on your toes, but check the condition of your saw blades. They may need attention depending on how old they are.


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IMOL an older one horse motor is a little small for cutting 8/4 hardwoods. However, if it was not slowing down with the cut before breaking down, chances are you have a bad bearing. Should not be much of a problem to fix.

I have also found that the blade makes a world of difference. Are you using a high quality blade designed for the job you are doing?


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Thank you all.

The blade is a Forrest Woodworker 2. Pretty good blade.

It is nearly ready to sharpen, but, still cuts cleanly.

Last night, I was only cutting 4/4 Purpleheart. It is pretty hard though. Now it will not power up at all.

Bearing seems right, although, the motor spins freely and takes 30 seconds or so to spin down.

I have a line on a 3 HP Craftsman to look at for $150.00. I understand that Craftsman overrates their motors. Still, it is rated at double my saw and "may" be a 220 single phase motor which would have more torque.

If reasonable, I would either keep both or fix mine and resell it. I agree, I am not putting $300 + into a new motor. I have found a delta Unisaw for $600 locally on Craigs list. I can't do it right now. It just goes to show that there are deals to be had.


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You do not need to buy a motor from sears.
All motors are standardized, using NEMA frame sizes.

I think I have the same saw. Your frame is probably a 56 TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled)
3450 rpm.

ANY motor with the same NEMA info will be a match.

You can find brand new for under 100 bucks on ebay.

A 3 hp 110vac 1ph motor would require huge wiring and devices. A 1hp motor pulls 16amp at full load. A 3hp would draw 34 amps!!!


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Thank you everyone.

I took the motor to a local motor repair shop. They fixed it on the spot. It needed bearings and a start capacitor. I learned that I can wire it for 220 V which would be better.

Back in service. Thank you all again.