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  • Jim! I haven't seen you or heard from you in quite some time.
    Hope you're doing well.
    Don't have your phone number now, otherwise I'd have called you.
    Be well my friend.
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    You are welcome. Just don't take things personally, and above all, don't stop posting. If you do, we are stuck with Galvi for our across the pond information. That is a scary thought
    Jimbo, thanks... you have no idea how happy I was to read that. :smile:
    I looked it up, 33 layers on each side (suminagashi) with a vg10 core. Thanks for the compliment, I've been thinking about making a CPM154CM cleaver.
    no, you're correct. the only variable would be if it had a "core" of some other steel. The only other way I know of would be to just do a simple lamination of whatever number of layers, then reduce the size down to whats needed.
    Jimbo, I'm just noticing the VM message about starting threads. Not sure if you've figured them out or not but all you do it select the forum where you want to posts, lets say it's jokes. Click on Jokes and right at the top left corner look for a button that says "New Thread". Click that and you'll see a new forum pop up to enter the new thread.
    To see a listing of all the forums just click on the logo in the upper left hand corner ...then you'll see the index page that shows all the forums and who's online listed at the bottom. Pick the forum you want to start a new thread in and click it, then select New Thread and you'll be good to go. :D
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