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Last night I had a some friends and employees over for dinner, and a discussion started about regrets. It was very interesting to hear from them, such a diverse range of regrets out there.

What are your regrets?


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Only one. Resigning from the Bolingbrook Fire Dept as a Firefighter/Paramedic to move my family back to St Louis where our parents & siblings lived. Whilst I was able to be a volunteer on the St Peters force, it was never the same as a permanent life in the fire service.

It is a very exciting and rewarding occupation.
Whilst it was for Wife and Family I always felt regrets.
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When hiking at Philmont our crew had a sit down every day after dinner.

It helped the Scouts (and us Scouters) release any grudges and comminate better through the whole trip.

It was called Thorns Roses and Buds

Thorns = what ticked you off today or some thing you wanted to do and couldn’t do it.

Roses = what you enjoyed today or made your day.

Buds = what you want to do / enjoy tomorrow.


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I don't have many regrets. There may be some things I would have done differently but I don't regret doing them the way that I did. Sitting here at 76-years of age, I think that things worked out pretty darned well.


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Like ETF, likely could have done everything differently if you dwell on it. At 65 I'm ok with my life as a whole.


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Selling my 68 442 and my 1976 Mark IV.
Other than that, no regrets.
I plan on getting them back, maybe not the same ones, but clones.