Random thoughts

I sit outside, have a beer and ponder about a million things.

Some that have come to mind recently. Add yours.

My daughter just finished her first semester of college. She and her younger brother never had a baby-sitter... ever. They were in daycare until kindergarten but as a work from home dad, we never needed an actual baby-sitter for evenings or after they started kindergarten.

It's hard to un-love someone. I've never been divorced and currently 22 years into my marriage but looking back at friends, past girlfriends, family... I can't think of a single person that I loved and don't love to this date.

I would love to have what's in Jay Leno's garage.

Panels on cars should come with easier access. It sucks prying one and hoping the clips don't break.
Hmmm, I can't remember seeing this before. Thanks PG for the help. I hope you are right. I do run Vigilink here but all it does is monetize links for the site. So if someone buys something from a link posted here I get a few cents.

I don't need a baby-sitter.

I would love to have my pick of 3 items in Jay Leno's garage. Okay, even one item would be FANTASTIC.
I typed BbabysitterR like you did and got the same result. I'm at a loss. will have to do some investigative work. Removing links. I put a hyphen inbetween the words baby and sitt-er to get rid of the link. Very very strange. Let me know any other key words this happens on. I will not allow those type of links. That's BS. Damn ...even the word s i t t e r makes a link. This ain't right.

Great idea for a thread Brian. I might scare some of yall with my random thoughts. :yum:
Great idea for a thread Brian. I might scare some of yall with my random thoughts. :yum:

You couldn't scare me if you tried lol

Random thoughts...
Things I don't normally mention, but will.

Life is usually wonderful for me, but I have my moments.
They are son and grandchild related.

Youngest and family are doing well, eldest not so much now.
She wants out of the marriage. I warned him he married her too fast after Misty died, rebound thing.

Politically speaking on matters from that end of the spectrum, had hopes for Trump.
That lasted all of a day or so.
Not now and I will not apologize for that and won't use this forum for discussing it.

That's about all I have to say.
<silly> Did you ever wonder if fish go home and lie about the size of the bait they stole? </silly>

Horse sense is nothing more than stable thinking.

1) Always make up your own mind.
2) Think things through before making up your mind.
3) Get all the available facts before thinking it through.
These three rules will not make you infallible, but they will reduce your mistakes to a minimum and should nearly
eliminate the truly egregious ones. BUT ... it is time consuming, hard work. If you haven't the time for all this,
find a well meaning fool - they're always around - ask his advice, and then do the opposite. You'll be amazed how
often this works out to be the best course!

Why when i try to keep a house plant alive it dies yet when i ignore it it strives??

Why does my adopted bloody son keep buying them for me??

Is there ever a time you can stop wiping your kids arses?? i am pretty sure they wont wipe mine when i am old.
Age 2?

I love word games.
It's annoying that my profile pic doesn't appear on my posts.
A chipmunk almost ran across my foot yesterday.

What? It was a random thought.:smile: Ok I'll try to keep my whimsical nonsense to myself.

Random thought:
It's going to be 100 degrees today and I'm not leaving the air conditioning.