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"Pronouns" are a national security threat, but illegal alien criminals are not a problem?!?


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The US Border Patrol is under new operating orders.

They are being told they MUST address illegal aliens by their preferred pronouns but if some rapists or murders sneak across the border that is no so much a problem, as long as the preferred pronouns are used. WTF.

This is our crazy government today. And while I say the US government has gone off the rails, so has Canada, England and most of the European Union nations too. We have grown so prosperous that we have grown ignorant and preposterous!

Pronouns Are a National Security Threat But Alien Rapists Are Not

November 26, 2023
Among the many unsavory aliens coming across our border illegally are rapists and sex offenders. They often come in to avoid punishment in their home country or to commit violent offenses and then attempt to flee back to their home country. But let’s worry about pronouns. Border Patrol was told it’s a national security threat to not call illegal aliens by their proper pronouns.
Just the News reports one case of a 37-year-old Brazilian man arrested on November 14 on Martha’s Vineyard. In his home country, he was convicted of multiple counts of raping a child and sentenced to 14 years in prison. ICE said he entered unlawfully at an unknown date. Law enforcement has no idea how many of these types of violent criminals are in this country. They don’t know who they are or where they are. This one man alone was supposed to appear in court in May 2019 and didn’t. A warrant was issued for his arrest and it took 4 1/2 years to find him. He was found accidentally during a vehicle stop.
Another case is of two El Salvadoran men wanted for rape in Maryland who attempted to flee back to their home country. Both have been ordered for removal. They were apprehended, and we are now stuck supporting them in our prison.


Obviously, the reasons for them coming to the country were false. People can lie routinely, and be allowed in because that’s how the Democrat administration set it up.
In 2022, ICE arrested 46,396 illegal foreign nationals with criminal histories, including 198,498 associated charges and convictions. At least 8,000 were sexual offenses.
While this administration worries about hate speech, they are allowing rapists, child rapists, and sex offenders to come into the country unvetted.
Border Patrol was just ordered to use the proper pronouns with LGBT illegal aliens. They claim it’s a national security threat not to. Aside from the fact that that’s a ridiculous idea, they are clearly fine with all these rapists and sex offenders coming in. If they weren’t, they would vet them properly and keep them out.
Whenever I say this, people will call me far right. I am not far right. They are far left, and they are liars. They’re deceiving you. Always go with your gut and your common sense. Ignore the name-calling. You don’t need to be in a club of liars.
By the way, it’s illegal to compel speech. The administration is doing it to transform our culture to a bizarre leftist one.


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Don't get me started on the whole pronoun thing. We have a couple of young people that we work with in the scout troop that are, shall we say, somewhat confused. One is an 11 yr old girl who began identifying as a boy 2 years ago. Her/his younger female friend is now unsure of what gender they want to be identified as. So we have to tread lightly and play along. So on the very first meeting in September when the younger friend first came to the troop, it was time for introductions. The older friend who identifies as male, began speaking up for the other child saying that "they" are unsure of what "they" want to be called. When it came time for the younger friend to introduce themselves, "they" responded "um". Good enough! Moving on. The child's new nickname in our scout troop is "Um". So, all the kids play along and aren't disrespectful and we don't have to play the psychology 101 game every time we go to ask them anything. (Notice how I keep referring to the child as "they"?)

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down here in the backwoods where I am, we dont have a problem with pronouns. I dont care what anyone thinks they are, if I talk to them, I will call them what they are. No fake phonies allowed. If they dont like my choice of words they can try to whup this 83 year old ass.