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Our New Old Place

Gary O'

Well-known member
Managed to drive a 2" staple thru the tip of my middle finger yesterday
Rather quick
Place hand too close to the work
Press trigger
Those air driven staplers do the job thru meat

Next, I'll see how it does thru bone


Gary O'

Well-known member
Not a whole lot goin' on, so, thought I'd go ahead and fill the inventory shelf with tiny avian abodes.
Since it's gonna be a busy spring and summer

This one, in semi finished, I might not let go
The roots so wondrously wrap around the entry



I screw the roots on from the inside so nothing showing


Gotta say, I'm lovin' this Ryobi job light I got myself for Christmas
Love the clamp feature
and the intensity
and the batteries match my other Ryobi stuff



Gary O'

Well-known member
Been a while

Busy spring and summer

A special time last week
Son and his girls stopped by

His eldest girl has Dravet syndrome
Bouts of epileptic seizures 24/7
Heavy meds
She's not expected to see her teens

I don't know how he does it
He's been the nurse
the doctor
the EMT
The Father...the single parent

Little ones are so precious
This one, more so

I savor these moments

The Lord said it best
' Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.'

faith and me july 2023.jpg3.jpg

faith and me july 2023.jpg

faith and me july 2023.jpg2.jpg

Gary O'

Well-known member
They came by again a couple days ago, to get her meds
My son clued me in on what's to be expected from here on out

She's entering puberty
This is when there's a dramatic increase in seizures with Dravet syndrome kids
It's why they're not expected to see much of their teens

They continue to increase until they just don't recover from what becomes the last one

My son has been incredible about all this
Savoring each moment with her
Making her years as good as possible while he has her

It's a pretty tough call, as she's quite spoiled
Much like Helen Keller's early years

I know I couldn't handle it, long term