Craigslist blocked?


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So I am new to this site, AND was new to Craigslist. I never posted anything, but responded via email to a few items for sale, and a few jobs in my town. I dont even HAVE a craigslist account, I just replied to a few things, but I went online today and got this message on my computer...This IP has been automatically blocked.
If you have questions, please email:

Not sure why because, like I said, I never registered, or posted anything, or was rude to anyone. Does anyone have any ideas? Or is it just my luck?


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My best guess would be since you don't have an account with Craigslist, they may have software that identified you as a spammer. You may have replied to too many ads in too short of a time period without an account.


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I've never heard of them blocking anyone. Sounds like spam to me. Check your computer for a virus or maiware.


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usually that stuff is on . it is just like craigs but less rules . things like weapons are allowed.

never heard of being blocked on craigs. I would be suspicious of the link. google or bing the link first and see what you get.