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  • I'm headed to Government Meadows Friday the 16th, tomorrow if you are interested. Can you let the groomer know, I can't find his email address.
    Hi Jim, It's Brad over at Mountain Home Lodge. I was curious about the small solid Continental tires you got for your ST4. Who was the source? Any new concerns? I am now running low on my Trelleborgs, beginning to rotate the worn ones. I had them foam filled, but I wonder if the foam sometimes is too hard on them. Thanks! Brad
    Hey Jim Im looking at buying a camper for my F350 quad cab super duty long bed 2008 I want to be able to tow a cat behind the truck and camper. What do I need to know while shopping for a camper
    Jim, I'd like to try and track down the AT&T 1970's Ford 4x4 truck with the Tucker sno cat bed. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Chris Haynes
    Do you know why the drive gear is made of brass? If you have close up photos of your drive gear I would sure like to see some. Just seems like brass and the track cleats would not get along very well. By the way I live in Everett not to far from you, what areas do you snow trac in? It would be fun to get together for an outing.
    I just got your message. did you get it worked out?
    wife was in the hospital and very busy.
    email is the best for me.
    I just got back from our first outing with our new snow trac. Things went pretty well but I would like to talk with someone about the drive gear. Would you give me a call when you have a chance. I plan to be at the jamboree however I would like to be confident I am not having an issue. My drive gear was painted when I did my restoration and after a few miles the passenger drive wheel was shinny (not sure if I just lost paint or excessive war) as the drivers side shows much less. look forward to speaking with you and meeting you at the jamboree.

    Dan O'Neal (425) 337-0547
    Jim, would you know the weight of a 72 through 74 st4 ? The crane I have is rated at 2500#. Found one in Ak and will load on the ship to bring back to Tacoma. Any help thanks Dave
    Miss understanding between us. I am not looking at buying your unit, if that what your implying. I need to find a way to send you a photo of the one im looking at in Alaska. Would you be willing to discuess with me a fare price i should offer for it? Thanks Dave
    Hello Jim, my name is Dave Ross you have seen my user name as 1 bigguy. I live in the Plain area over by Leavenworth area, for many years known of a st4 in one of out cannerys in Alaska, after joining this form i never thought about buying it. It looks like next summer i will ship in down to Seattle on one of our ships. It would great to talk with you about a fare price for this unit. My cell number is 206 331-0671. Thanks for any help you can give me. Dave
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