A beautiful weekend for President Trump and our free-market economy!


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November 3, 2019
A beautiful weekend for Trump!
By William Dodd


...for President Trump and our free-market economy! The Standard and Poor's 500 index closed at a new all-time high of 306.17. The NASDAQ Composite Index closed at a new all-time high of 8,386.40. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 27,347, within 12 points of its all-time high close of 27,359.

How confounding this must be for the socialists, who currently have such significant influence in our House of Representatives! The Democrats' adoption of impeachment rules to be used to remove the president from office, by their way of thinking, should have and could have caused the stock market to collapse today. This, in turn, could help bring on a recession that could deny Trump re-election next year. Instead, the market delivered to the House an "in your face" opposite reaction.

Many House Democrats have had political or government jobs most of their lives. Enough of them have ever held a real private-sector job or know anything about being self-employed, or have ever operated a small business and had to make a payroll. Many are ignorant of the gears and cogs of the American free-market system. Even worse, some would rather see it fail than flourish.

Fortunately, most Americans work in the private sector and know that the business of the United States is still business and jobs. For them, producing an income is more important than being distracted by Democrats trying to find ways to overturn the 2016 election. And yesterday the market spoke loudly about what working America thinks of the House's side-bar impeachment escapade. It considers it a goose chase with no economic or even political relevance.

To the Democrats' chagrin, our economy and stock market continue to defy all of the pro-socialist economic pundits. Under Trump's innovative America First policies, the economy is driving unemployment to the lowest levels in 70 years and the stock market to new highs. Some economic statistics are the best ever in our history.

May God continue to bless and protect President Trump and our unique and bountiful free-enterprise system.


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The market seldom acts. It most often reacts. In the current situation it seems to me that the reaction relates to the fact that by the continuation of the impeachment, the total lack of electable candidates and no platform other than Trump bad, the left has insured another 4 years of President Trump, another 4 years of prosperity.


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I should have bough Gold two years ago,(maybe it was three years ago) when it was $1,150. Now it's approaching$1,500.00
Didn't have the money then.

The wife bought stock back then. Our portfolio has doubled. I guess that makes her the genius.