Rumchata and Whiskey


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OK, so I posted in the JD winter blend.
But now I've actually mixed it and tasted it.

I didn't have any cheap whiskey in the house, so I used Knob Creek as the base.

I went 1:1 KC and Rumchata. The whiskey didn't mix, but I tasted it anyway and figured I ruined some decent whiskey. I tasted mostly whiskey but with the rumchata on top of it. Not good.

But then I went and added 1 more part Rumchata (so 1 part KC and 2 parts Rumchata). It completely mixed, and damn if it ain't bad at all. Kinda like my Egg Nog without the creme.

The Captain calls this a "Badger Dan".

A nice holiday or after dinner drink for sure.

It gets Fred's seal of approval.

I may try some other combinations later today. Or maybe even sooner.

Merry Christmas!
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Re: Rumchata abd Whiskey

OK, I couldn't wait.

1 part Rumchata, 1 part Cointreau. OK, not bad

Then I added 1 part Cognac.

Nice too.

This Rumchata stuff is fairly versatile.
I suppose you could use plain ole' Horchata to save some money on the drinks.


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I just finished off a nice warm mug of apple cider and Honey Jack. It was mixed a little weak, but went down smooth and easy. Might need another.

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Fred I just think that Rumchada makes anything you put with it taste good!!:yum::yum::yum:

I have to admitt I love Rumchada as well...:flowers:

Regards, Kirk


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Picked myself up a bottle and the experiment is about to begin. Rumchada and Captain Morgan first impression so-so but then again I ain't warmed up yet.


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Why even try ?? You know Dr.Rums are the drink of choice .
Everthing else is just .........bad taste :unsure: