PCMCIA Wireless Card


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I am looking to get a wireless card for my laptop. I want to use it while traveling and also when I get close to a hotel I can pick up my email. I already have purchased Linksys card WPC54AG which no one could make work with my Dell Inspiron 5100. Linksys and Dell both could not make it work. I was just told the best card and the most expensive is the Orinoco Gold card by Proxim was the best card out there as it would use up to 5 volts, which would drain your batteries fast was the best out there. From what I find the Gold card is no longer made but can be bought yet, supplies are limited though. Proxim makes some other ones that doens't have the power the Gold one has. Does anyone out there have any experience with this card.

I can find on on the web for $99.00 brand new and in carton yet.. Original price was $150.00


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Murph, no experience with that particular card; we have several brands of wireless cards that we use. Honestly we buy cheap generic ones and every one has worked. We use them with Dell and IBM brand laptops.