My new Tucker Sno-Cat, 2742


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I have attached a 2700 series brochure that I gleaned from this forum. Also the build sheet for my machine that Tucker sent me today. The International RA 30 axles are really big, Jeff from Tucker said he did not know they ever put that big of axle in their machines. The Fairfield transfer case he said was also a custom heavy duty unit built for these machines. And as you can see it does have a 4-53T DD engine.

Will provide more detailed photos after I get home. for how the blower works pushing the exhaust out, the simple answer is that there are ports in the side of the cylinder liner that allow the air pressure to push the exhaust out the exhaust valve before the piston starts back up.

One more thing....US Customs was not at all happy with my Sno-Cat, they seemed confused as to what is was and what I needed one for. So they chose to send me through the full body cavity search. They ex-rayed my cat!!!!!!! Not sure what they where looking for but then I got to sit in a room for a couple of hours while they ........did not I have no idea what. But at the end they wanted no money and never did say what the issue was, BUT is was glad to be free again in the US:clap:


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The reason the GM diesel super charger doen't really make boost is because there are no vales just ports at the bottom of the sleeve. The blower is used to push out the exhaust with the incoming intake charge, all while the piston is at the bottom of the stroke. It cann't build boost cause it just would push it out with the exhaust. In the two stroke snowmobile engine with an open crankcase, the ever changing preasure in the crankcase is utilized to do what the super charger does on the old jimmy. But since the jimmy has oil in a sealed crankcase, those preasure pulses are not available, hence the supercharger is used to push the evacuating air or intake charge into the base of the cylinder. Two strokes of course fire each time the piston reaches TDC. 4 strokes every other time....

Hope this helps


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Here is a link to a short video of the 2742.

[ame=""]YouTube - Tucker Sno-Cat model 2742[/ame]


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Thanks for the update and additional photos.

If you go to Safety One's website they have some historical sales brochures from various manufacturers as well as different models. They have several from Tucker, though there isn't a 2742.

My impression is Tucker changed their model nomenclature, in that a 2700 series machine appears to be a wide track 1700. They do have a brochure for a 1742, and when you look at it it shows a machine very similar to yours and it's referred to as a 1700-WT.

From that brochure, and others I've seen, I believe Tucker offered the 4-53 Detroit and not the 4-71. (For those that may not know, 4-53 means four cylinders, each cylinder having a displacement of 53 cubic inches.) They offered the 4-53 with and without a turbocharger, as well as a few other Diesel engines.

Have a safe drive home!

I agree with the 2742 is the wide track version. I have a 1978 1742 and it has the same number of boggie wheels as mine does. I get through over 6' depths of fresh snow up steep grades where I am. These things will go where you cannot even walk. The steel grousers are great for those icy conditions too.


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@VX & 300...

did I get this right?

The blower pushes air into a port at the bottom of the sleeve? in essence has it's own input port into the cylinder?

so the blower and the turbo are not inline with each other as far as airflow is concerned?

does the blower have it's own airfilter?

Pics would be awesome!


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2 cycle engines can not scavenge enough air to run even your s cycle snow machine has a blower in the snowmachine pressure in the crank case forms the pressureized charge to fill the cylinder and blow out the exhaust gasses the turbo on the detroit becomes an altitude compensator to apply above normal pressures to the intake system on the engine on the detroit this includes the blower so yes the turbo is stacked on top of the blower but in the 2 cycle application the blower is part of the engine and not a preformance enhancer


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Made it back home after 3108 miles safe and sound no new travel adventures. I have posted a few more photos of the machine. you can see the turbo pushing air into the blower, all the air is going into the cylinder through the same ports.

If someone would like other photos just let me know, as I have not been up close to any other Tucker I am not sure what may be different on this machine.


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We have a 2742 complete under carriage for this type machine from a salvaged groomer a few years ago IH Diff's, trunion plates, and wide track grousers, sprockets and some carrier wheels and all carrier frames Price $ 1000 complete. U Haul We will load. May be good for back up parts for you or conversion Located Weiser Idaho Bill 208-549-2501


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The underside looks a little different on my 1742. The previous owner switched the axle set up to Dana 60 full floating ones, front and back. The drive sprockets are wider on mine. Someone thought mine was upgraded to a later model belted track set up. Under the hood mine is very similar except I haver the Chrysler 360 Industrial. I wonder where the hydraulic reservoir is on yours. Mine is on the passenger side firewall.


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srexecmark...the oil tank is on the drivers side firewall, you can see it on the far right of the photo of the blower side of the engine.

Blackfoot Tucker

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I'm glad you got home safely. That is a Heavy Duty Tucker!!! Wow!

Thanks for the photos and information. I've found Jeff at Tucker to be an exceptional resource. He is hugely knowledgeable and generous with his time answering questions and giving suggestions. I think he is a great "ambassador" for Tucker.

The pictures you have posted along with the data sheet and brochure are very interesting.

Considering it's 32 years old and was made for hard usage it looks like it's in excellent condition.

From that info here are some thoughts as to what may be different on your machine than the more conventional 1500 and 1600 series machines. I could be completely wrong on any of these, but here goes:

- It looks like they used heavier wall square tubing on the frame (1/4" vs 3/16") also more supports and gusseting.

- From earlier photos it looks like your lower frame longitudinal members are wider at the ends and curve inward in the middle (probably to allow clearance for the carriers to rotate about the axle housings). The lighter duty Tuckers have straight frame rails.

-Those tracks are very wide. A standard Tucker track of that era is 28". From the brochure those are 46". That's huge. it looks like the rubber track belts are spaced further apart.

-Much heavier machine. Between the Diesel engine, heavier frame, monster axles and wide tracks your Tucker is roughly 2,500 lbs heavier.

This should be considered unsolicited advice, but SnoTrans' offer is a screaming deal. Parts for Tuckers add up -FAST. Used parts can sometimes be found, and even then not cheap. I don't think Tucker made many 2700 series machines, so the chance of finding used parts in good shape would be slim. If I had a 2742...I'd be on the phone already.

Congratulations on your machine!!!
I got snotrans to send me some pics of those spare running gear he has, definately worth the money. Still waiting for my passport or I'd go get them.:brows:


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Hey just was wondering if anybody new of a tucker like this for sale or like a 1342 or 1544? tour help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you Caleb