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Minnesota father kills elderly sex offender with moose antler


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Got to say that I am a bid mixed on this one. As a dad I totally understand and support killing off the Pedo who was bother his daughter. I don't even have an issue with him beating the guy with the moose antler. But I think he did it in a pre-meditated way. Had he asked my advice, I'd have suggested that he at least make it look like he was defending himself or his kid. Toss in a dose or reasonable defense while taking out the trash and serving up a positive kill for society.

Full story and link to video at the link above.

Minnesota Dad Kills Elderly Sex Offender With Moose Antler: Report

March 12, 2023
Levi Axtell, a 27-year-old, reportedly walked into a police station in Minnesota covered in blood and confessed to beating a man with a shovel 15 to 20 times and using a moose antler to “finish him off.”
According to Fox News, Axtell was taken into custody on a murder charge in the death of 77-year-old Lawrence V. Scully, who had been previously convicted of molesting a child in 1979.
Axtell reportedly believed Scully was preying on his daughter at her day care.
Axtell told police that he had known Scully for a considerable time and suspected him of sexually offending against children in the past.
In 2018, Axtell filed an order of protection against Scully, which was granted but later dropped after several weeks.
On March 8, a witness notified the Cook County Sheriff’s Office that a person had arrived at Scully’s residence, damaged a vehicle, and then entered the house.
The witness heard screaming and reported that the individual was driving to the police station. Subsequently, Axtell purportedly confessed to the police about the incident.
Law enforcement officials discovered Scully deceased in his Grand Marais home, with head injuries caused by blunt force and defensive wounds on his arms.
Despite recent allegations against Scully, an investigation did not disclose any significant findings. . . .


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Ummmm why did he leave his child in a day care where he thought there maybe a problem.
And if you are 27, you sure don't need to use weapons to beat up someone 77.


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Good thing it wasn't me, a shovel and a moose antler would have been too gentle and too fast.
i would have dug a hole to burry the evidence with the shovel or had boating acident with a couple cinderblocks
He would be respected in prison by inmates and correctional officers for killing child molestors. Inmates and guards hate child molestors and sex offenders. Sex offenders, snitches and ex cops are at the bottom of the prison hierarchy and murderers and drug dealers at the top.