i'm watching-


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that movie, 'valley girl'.
someone called me a valley girl once. i'm not. jerk.


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Well I'm watching NCIS but if I had my choice I'd watch The Godfather...


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I'm watching FF.

Luvs - "Pitch Perfect" is a great new girly movie. (I liked it as much as "Burlesque").

Great music in both. Do a youtube search for "pitch perfect" for some really good a capella music.

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last night it was shipping wars I don't know what tonight will be, but the redneck oil drillers is off. wife got pissed at me for letting our youngest watch when one of the rednecks said he turned his skivvies inside out to double his wear time. she was afraid the 7 year old would try it. he is at the age of what ever he has on is his favorite and he doesn't want to change.


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A very famous love story series "Twilight"............. It is really a good movie and i just can't imagine that how i did not watch it before, anyway it not too late now so i am watching it.


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'bridesmaids', & 1 show on those looking to solve their over-indulgence issues w/ food that sends them into surgical this-&-that's--
'bridesmaids'--that movie is a hoot; that show is sad, yet seeing them get well is both flustering as there're those that fib/fail, tho gotta luv as they change to get well--
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Project Bluebook, History Channel. Also watch Vikings, same channel I believe. Looking forward to the big special they have coming up about George Washington.

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Watching this one right now


Couple guys are the real deal
The third guy just plays at it
But, good show

One comment that struck me;

'At sixty, I'm not a young man anymore.
I've gotta be careful up here'

He was using gin poles to put up his rafters

Wife and I just used our backs and braun....I was pushing 70




It's funny, when you know winter snows are comin', you don't think much about how you get things done
....as much as when..

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