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Happy Veteran's Day To All The Vets Here Today!!!


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:yum: As my Dad said just before I signed on the dotted line, the choice is yours son. Will you choose carrying a rifle everywhere you go, sleeping in a foxhole and eating out of a box or carrying a tool pouch, sleeping in a warm bunk and eating three hot squares a day? I chose the electricians tool pouch, my bunk and 3 squares which included steak and eggs every Sunday and Friday nite Pizza nite. :yum:

Semper Fi Brother. (y)(y)(y)


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So many squids...;) I love you guys. Without you, we wouldn't have a ride anywhere. :p
Thanks everyone of our brothers.
BCZOOM, USMC, 1982-1986
Everybody thought there was going to be a fight but I always made friends with Marines in bars. I looked at them and said, "The Navy sucks more than the Marines." The Marines would always say that the Marines suck more than the Navy. And then we'd drink beer together and have a good time with the hookers.