Frozen truck battery


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My truck battery has not been holding a charge, and I've jumped it 3 times in the last 6 weeks. It sits outside and doesn't seem to like the cold. Wouldn't start today so I got out the charger and hooked it up, and the charger acted wierd. Shut it off and popped the caps only to find ice on top of each of the cells. Called my mechanic who installed it for me in July 2013, and he's getting a new one for me tomorrow. In all my years of vehicle ownership, I've never had a battery freeze up on me like that. It's almost like they put water in it instead of acid.


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When charging a frozen battery with a charger it creates a real mess when it blows up and takes out many of the electrical components of the vehicle.

Snowtrac Nome

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yes frozen battery's are defiantly dangerous. they can explode I have seen wet charged battery sold new be bad, the serial number on the side will tell how old the battery is. before you put in a battery check for a draw I have seen even good battery's drawn down, by leaving dome lights, or headlights on and freezing hard.