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Up in the "Off topics" forum area, As a sub forum under Seriously Speaking Forum, is a new area: Members who are no longer with us. If you follow all the twitter/instagram/facebook feeds you may know when one of us passes on, but as an attempt to share knowledge while it's relevant there is now an area.

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Thanks Tom for posting this.
We hate to lose members but it happens. MNoutdoors was a huge loss to the snowcat community and I'm sure there are others that I am not aware of.
I hope one of you will take the time to post a thread in https://www.forumsforums.com/forums/members-who-are-no-longer-with-us.159/
about MNoutdoors. You guys knew him better than I and can give him a better write up.
Feel free to post a direct link to any memory posts in this thread so all snowcatters are in the know.