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fake package tracking


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we do a fair amount of Amazon ordering. two reasons: first the covid shutdown, but more aggravating,,,, trying to find what you're looking for in a retail store comma anymore . . .

in three instances over the last year, placed an order, tracking showed
- label printed / info forwarded to carrier
- package picked up
- package enroute, with deliver date/estimate
(and, 2 out of 3 times . . . )
- package "out for delivery"
- then suddenly, , , "oops it's running late . . . and ..."

ordered some stuff, next day got an email the order was cancelled and refunded
(it was, immediately showed up, checked on that)
because they ran out of stock. but they did create a label and "shared" it with Fedex.....

however, yesterday Fedex tracking showed the package ID received, enroute, out for delivery, and today . . . suddenly
"No record of this tracking number can be found at this time, please check the number and try again later. For further assistance, please contact Customer Service."

similar experience with UPS and the UPS/USPS ghoulish marriage.
I've not seen this with 'strictly USPS' tracking numbers, but both Fedex and UPS.

fwiw, seems they are faking the tracking thing. they get label info, and from thence forward tracking information appears to be based on "projected" / "anticipated" movement/events.
one could optimistically assume these services "assume a projection" should a package somehow escape being scanned....
except . . . they all use fully computerized/automated sorters - if package scanning is missed, the sorting system has no idea where to sort/route it to . . .
assuming "missed scans" right up through "out for delivery" is simply a lie.


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Sounds like it was delivered to wrong address.


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a driver, delivering a package to an address not on the label, and scanning it as "delivered" simply does not make senses / compute.
a package never shipped due to "out of stock" , order refunded, should never ever show as "package picked up"


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I've had a few large or heavy items get cancelled when they realize I am a rural address and the seller realizes that the "free shipping" suddenly isn't so free.