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We have been hit with above normal early snow and cold in the Big Horn Mtns of WY the past couple weeks. I ran the Super Imp yesterday for a quick 3 mile run out to the county road and back. I have also been working on the Tucker Kitten off and on and getting it ready for snow. It has been in storage for about 3 winters now. I finally brought it up the mountain this week. I have it all cleaned up and checked out ready for winter snow. Several people have asked me what size is a Tucker Kitten so today I parked it by the Yamaha Rhino for comparison. They are very close in size. I did haul it up the mountain on the UTV trailer.

We took the Tucker Kitten out and down the drive tonight and it ran great.:letitsnow::winterrul

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The Kitten is cute Bill!!
Yeah, we're supposed to get snow too starting Friday, but it won't be anything like you and Jan get.

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lucky i live about150 miles south of the arctic circle and no snow yet it wasso cold this summer had to wear coats and run heat now its not getting any colder this fall i'm waiting for the roads to close out of town so i can go moose hunting with out company from the quads


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I'm envious mtntopper. I was hoping for an early winter here; it did snow here briefly about a week ago. But now the forecast says 70 degrees for Saturday! I guess I'll go with the flow and do some summer type recreating.

If you care, you can go here: http://mattsbigadventure.blogspot.com/2009_09_01_archive.html
and read my friend Matt's September 27 account of what we do for summer fun. Matt refers to me a time or two; I'm Cody.

I'll probably go back to lurk mode for a short time. I'm modifying an equipment trailer I bought to haul my new toy. I'll post some pics of that when I get the chance.

My best to you all!


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I understand the previous owner of that machine took every linc apart, ran a wire brush thu ever hole, and hand greesed every linc with water repellant boat wheel bearing greese. He also had the Generator and Starter rebuilt and put in a New Prince of Darkness, (Brittish slang for LUCAS) regulator. How much ? Still have any of the spare rollers?


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That fellow whats his name, Lyndon did do a bunch of handy work on the little critter. It has not hardly turned a sprocket since and has been in storage with some additional minor work like an air cleaner, carb, battery, solenoid and fuel gage work completed. The tracks are so smooth if you park on any incline what so ever and leave the Kitten in neutral it will roll down the hill. Have to leave it in gear to keep it parked....no need to ask how I found this out...:whistling: As to extra rollers, talking about "extra new rollers" not in use but in possession can cause mayhem from many people looking for replacements and/or spares so we don't mention them....even when/if we have them....:biggrin:


Here is my Kitten. This was taken near Sundance Wyoming a year or so ago. The "roll bar" is actually a branch sweep. They are nice little machines that are easy to haul around.


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Thanks for the super picture. It's almost like 3-D. Those Kittens are both really cute. I can see why folks hanker after them. They look easy to trailer in even a small, lightweight trailer.