Can Anyone ID This Alaskan Snow Trac?


Ran accross this while surfing for Alaska Snow Tracs and was wondering if anyone could ID this Snow Trac?


See more pictures HERE starting at the thrid one down.

The pictures are in an Alaska 4x4 forum trip report on 4x4'ing the Bartko Homestead Trail near Palmer, Alaska in January 2006.
Looks to be in good shape and fully functional. I couldn't quite make out the serial number on the data plate though. :pat:
Noticed that the tires almost look new. It also looks like the operator likes to :1062:+:17875:=:drink:. Lots of empty beer cans can be seen in the interior pics. :beer:


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Its an early model. Lyndon can probably date it from photos, I can't do that. But I'd guess it is a 1960's era machine based on the tires. It obviously has the fuel tank repositioned to the cargo rail.