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911 from apple phones: Skiers, snowboarders


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Huh, that is actually interesting.

I wear one. But apparently I get up and drive myself to the emergency room after I fall. Happened twice. So I guess next time if I just lay there then an ambulance will show up to take me.


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wow. given the mega-thump mogul crashes of my day, the 911 people would have me on speed dial . . .

ofs (other funny story...)
I am not a powder snow skier. more a hard ice&rocks eastern variety....
once upon a time - in Davos, yeah - that Davos - I stupidly wandered a bit off the groomed piste and into "fresh powder"
heh, the big orange balls said it's safe over there . . .
took me about an hour to find my left ski, which had inconveniently detached and buried itself into the wild west powder....
I think I missed the opportunity to patent a ski "emergency float balloon locator"


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This is actually becoming a real problem. My agency will get several of these on a busy ski weekend. Once they plot the lat/long and figure out it's at the top of a ski lift they cancel the call. But some departments require an investigation to any 911 hang ups. Some have gotten jammed up for not going or not investigating and it turned out to be a legit major crime in progress.