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We passed a Snobear on our way back from a Mother’s Day hike.

It looks like it would be good on a packed trail or frozen lake. Self propelled ice shanty!

The first year I had my Snow Trac one of these appeared on Lake Okaboji in Iowa. I was running my machine on the lake, and saw him coming across at an angle to the direction I was going. I made a bee line towards him and got there just as he had stopped. I watched as they let the suspension down, and the floor of the machine settled down flat to the ice. I could see the occupants in the windows, as the looked at me in the Snow Trac. Always wished I would have gotten out and talked to them, but I had several people with me who just wanted a ride. I bet they are a killer rig for ice fishing...
Some have fold down bunks so you can spend the night out on the ice. Pretty pricy unit, around 30K if I remember correctly..

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here is another to add to the growing list of home made go away where machine, this one is out of Idaho and yup, it is for sale over on facebook, starting bid is $2475.00...


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It comes with skis 😁

Couldn't figure out how to copy the direct link for this so just have to scroll down to it. There's a video of it in action too. Its close to me if anyone wants me to go test drive it 😉


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