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What thermostat temp for DMC 1450?


I have a DMC 1450 with the Ford 3.3L in-line 6. What is the proper temperature for the thermostat? The manual calls for a 160* but the one I pulled out was a 195*. I am putting in an electric fan and need to know what thermal switch to get. I understand the thermal switch “OFF” temperature value must be at least 10* higher than the actual engine thermostat you are using. What is everyone using?
Second question is where to mount that switch. The temperature sensor for the gauge is in the rear of the engine on the left side. A heater hose for the rear of the cat already comes off the front right of the head (See pic). Could I just tee off of that or is there a better place? There are no other openings into the manifold, head or block.


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