These guys can fly!!!!


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Not only can they fly,but have balls of steel for still flying some of the older planes that should be retired,if i remember correctly, some of the old planes have had structural failures to the wings,and some great pilots have been lost.


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The ww2 fire bombers are all but gone now.

The yellow airplane is a new design and manufacture, a Bombardier CL 415. I can't tell what the smaller photo is, but I think is a P2 Neptune, old but not ancient.

Yes some very good pilot driving these planes.


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Yep. P2 Neptune in the first picture. I just googled an image of one and found a close up of the same plane on the ground.


The second is a CL415. Here's a video of one in action.

[ame=""]Canadian CL-415 Water bomber puts out traffic accident - YouTube[/ame]

I had the pleasure of getting a tour of the inside of one.


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Second picture, if real, is illegal activity for a pilot but still fun.

I believe that 2nd picture is from another country . Read the name on the back of the fire fighter . If they got stuck behind the fire line that plane may be their only hope .

They are making one big mistake .

With that plane coming in hard and fast , you should lie down on your belly facing the plane with your arms protecting your head and helping keep your helmet on . Water or retardant has a lot of force and will knock a man on his ass in that situation .