The Road


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While there are parts of the movie that are a little odd, I still think it was a good movie and did a good job of portraying what could happen after some form of Nuclear event. I like to think I am more prepared than the father in this movie but you never know . . . do you? :unsure:
i love this movie, and i'm the only member of my familly that does.

i love those types of movies in general.... the day someone got me the road, they also got me the movie precious- which perhaps was not such a good idea, but it was still a good movie.


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We watched this quite a while back. Very dark. Good movie. Life is hard, you will die. After whatever the apocalypse was in that movie, life got harder, you died.

Now as for Precious, never watched that one and no desire to waste 2 hours of my life on it either.


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I saw the other day my wife has it on the DVR from one of the movie channels. I did not know what it was about. I watch very little TV and movies but will make a point to check this one out. Thanx.