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Spyware-Free Phones in 2021: We're being Squeezed!

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Rob Braxman Tech

Rob Braxman Tech
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Many changes have occurred in 2021 and it's time to reassess our privacy phone choices again. Things that worked for us in 2020 no longer work. And we have to evaluate all our options. What's the status of Flip phones, feature phones, Linux phones in 2021? Did new Androids and IOS phones become more privacy friendly? Or Not? Will De-Googled phones continue to work in 2021? ----------------------------------- I'm the Internet Privacy Guy. I'm a public interest technologist. I'm here to educate. You are losing your Internet privacy and Internet security every day if you don't fight for it. Your data is collected with endless permanent data mining. Learn about a TOR router, a VPN , antivirus, spyware, firewalls, IP address, wifi triangulation, data privacy regulation, backups and tech tools, and evading mass surveillance from NSA, CIA, FBI. Learn how to be anonymous on the Internet so you are not profiled. Learn to speak freely with pseudo anonymity. Learn more about the dangers of the inernet and the dangers of social media, dangers of email.

In the end your not going to have the choice to not be surveilled. Not if you have a cell phone or a computer. The so called 'cloud" makes this easy for computers.
Is this really what we as American citizen's really want???? :unsure: