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Racer in the family.


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Thank goodness your bro is alright. Flying through the air like that at the high speeds they are driving, I can only imagine how hard the impact would have been. the safety restraints are awesome. They sure did their job.

About how fast do they get up to on that track?


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God, I miss going in circles. I was on asphalt. I love watching clips from the driver's view.
My first race, hobby stock, 67 Chevy 2, bench seat. Was so excited I forgot to put the seat belt on. Any idea how hard it is to throttle with your left foot, while hanging on the steering wheel attempting to stay in the car instead of flying out? Well, at least I didn't use the brakes since I couldn;t reach the pedal haanging on slid into the passneger side of the seat, and learned the limits of that car real quick.
Track etiquette at the time for greenhorns was to drive them into the wall as initiation, which I expected to happen. But the regulars saw I had a problem and let me run. Made alot of friends there,
I ALWAYS wear a seat belt since then.