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New to me Thiokol Hydromaster.

Luke Sidewalker

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Good afternoon All.
I recently came across this old 76 Thiokol Hydromaster and am in need of a pdf version of a service manual.

Bit of a story on this one. It was used for the last number of years by a logging company to build and clear winter roads into logging camps, hence the welded up 3 piece blade. According to them, they dropped it through the ice and into a small lake about 5 years ago, recovered it and insurance paid for a full in frame diesel rebuild and they replaced the sunstrand at that time as well. They then use it for half a season and parked it. Apparently they have been building camps long enough that they are now coming back to old camps that they replanted 20-25 years ago so they had not used this old girl for the last 4 years.
Fast forward to now and they decided to liquidate their stored equipment and I got this for a steal. Hooked up two old semi batteries and she started on the first crank, runs like new. Drove it home down some back roads.
I did find that the right side track seemed a little stretched from sitting on the machine in the sun for who knows how many years and am wondering on what type of grease to use in the track adjusters and also how tight the tracks should be.
Any help on a service manual would be greatly appreciated.

Thikol 1.jpg
Thiokol 2.jpg


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Sweet for sure.

Grease i pump general paste grease. It just has to come out when you de tension the tracks so no real thought needed here.

The tension is debatable.
Manual will say loose as possible but avoid excessive skipping in turns.

I step mid span on outer belt. If inner belt just touches body work woth 150lbs of estimated weight your are golden.

I find the rougher the terrain the looser i go.

Want to drive and zero turn, tighten them up

There is a web site called goldcordmine. There are some manuals there and i find searching gold cord mine ak will get your computer algorithms situated to find a second search of snowcat manuals gold cord.

The 3700 might be there.

I have a paper copy of a early model *allis chalmers powe* i gave to a tractor puller team. I doubt ill be able to find them but i will try


I just purchased (2) 3700A models with the Alis Chamblers motors. I also have access to a 3700C with a Cat motor. I think I have the Manuals for all of these, but not in PDF, just notebooks. Was there any specific thing you needed (trac tension spec), maybe I could look it up and send you the info.

Luke Sidewalker

New member
Yes, I am looking for info related to the track tensioners themselves. How they all come apart and what the seal numbers are if possible.


I came across a couple of pages in a manual with blow-apart diagram and part numbers. Now I need to try to attach them as photos.


  • Parts Blow-Apart Diagram.pdf
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  • Parts List Pg 1.pdf
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  • Parts List pg 2.pdf
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I am very new to this forum so I didn't know if I would be successful in uploading photos, I hope you could view them. If you need photos from a 3700C manual, I will be up at that camp in a few weeks. That manual is up there in a shop.