LMC 1500 track question too loose


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When we turn the cat left specifically the track on left pops or jumps. Is this because the tracks are too loose? Or this normal? You can see the short video clip that shows the problem.


I am all ears on this one.

it is a traction vs tension thing, but My brain says the outside track would be getting more drive tension and the inside would see under drive tension, I thought it to be backward.

the guides on the safety one site say some jumping is ok......


Seems really excessive, the track doesn't look like it's loose but it's hard to tell. We had some issues on really hard pack and we tightened it up and it went away.
I was told these 1500's need to be a little more on the tight side.


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I also own a 1500 and expierienced the same track jumping on hard pack and deep powder. Tightening track was the cure. If you let it skip on sprocket to many times it takes the teeth off or rounds them off thus making it easier to skip a tooth in future.


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wakeupcall - I was thinking of tightening the tracks a little to see if that fixes the jumping problem.

What is the recommendation on tightening the tracks, is there one?


On our machine there are 4-15/16" bolts that hold the front axle on, loosen these up and there should be threaded tighteners on either side, I took two full turns on the side that was jumping and then tightened the axle bolts up. Repeat if needed.

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in the book some where I read that when in a hard turn on a down hill slope to have the track skip a little say once or twice if it happens too much additional tension is needed. be careful not to over tighten it they wont skip but the belts will stretch and the grousers will break. also as the belts stretch they become thinner allowing the grousers to come loose.