Kubota BX hydraulic Top Link


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What length hyd top link are you using on your BX? Does anyone know where I can buy a 14" closed top link with check valves.
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Nice to see another Buckeye in the group. There's a few of us on here.
The part about the check valves is whats going to make your top link hard to find. At least, I think. Most are a bit longer than that.


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Harley.... glad to see that you have joined us. Now there are 3 BX owners, possibly we should start our own BX forum???? What you say Doc????? Do we have room for one more forum.. :whistle:

Mine is 16" and I don't have a problem with it. If you want, you can have a machine shop cut off the end and then shorten the piston by 2" and re-weld the end back on. I am certain that there are others here on the forums that are experienced enough to do it in a home workshop. I know that Mike (pineridge) is a good welder and has fabricated some interesting items for his tractor. I don't know if he is good enough to work on a part for a Orange tractor, since they are so far superior to the blue tractor that he owns. :D


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Junkman, thanks for telling me about this new forum. A BX forum sounds good to me. I shorten the stock top link all the way (14") with the box blade at times, and for the other attachments it is normally between 14-1/2" to 15" that is why I'm looking for a 14" closed cyl. or even a 13-1/2" to really take advantage of having the hyd top link, and I really like the check valves. I only have 4 or 5 attachments I hook to it, maybe I would be better off to relocate the top attachment holes on them and stay with a standard cylinder? I know Mike and he is a good guy, I think I will stay out of the Orange vs Blue debate (for now) :D


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Like Junkman said, go to Carter & Carter Machinery (ccmachinery.com) and buy one of their top links with the double pilot operated check valves. Then go to your local welding or hydraulic shop and have the cylinder rod shortened to the size you want.

You will not find the check valves with the correct specifications for sale anywhere here in the USA. I know because I have looked and had a local hydraulic shop look.