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Hey Bluetooth, What's New? : Oh, We Want to Chip You

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Rob Braxman Tech

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A new networking scheme has been introduced that is not reliant on the Internet. It is called Bluetooth Mesh Networking and allows inter-device connectivity via radio only. This video will explain the technology which uses Bluetooth Low Energy as its foundation. This networking technology is touted as a great innovation. But is it in fact an enabler of a surveillance platform that cannot possibly be evaded. The idea of this network topology is to flood the environment with so many sensors that every square inch will be tracked. In addition, the whole concept of Bluetooth Mesh Networking is to behave differently based on the identity of the user. So this whole thing is tied to having some sort of identity device. In other words some kind of chip. This is a kind of technology that once enabled, cannot be undone.

Again please refrain comments until you watch the You Tube.
Big Tech is using surveillance us like never before. In ways you have never considered. IS this the future you want for our nation?
Soon there will be no privacy, and we will not know it unless we pay attention. The Biden administration is backed by big Tech. Do not expect your Government will protect you from this illegal surveillance being done using commercial sales as the excuse.