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Hamilton Delivered Porsche 356 Snow Trac || Outlaw Garage

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Outlaw Garage
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Today Outlaw Garage is privileged to bring you this Hamilton Melbourne delivered Porsche 356 powered Snow Trac. This is No.2 of the Snow Trac's that were with the Australian Antarctic Division in the 1960's purchased from Hamilton Porsche dealership in Melbourne . This Snow Trac spent 6 years in the Antarctic and lead a very hard life but then spent a few years on the ski slopes in Australia, a by far better life. This Porsche 356 powered Snow Trac is truely a piece of Porsche and the Australian Antarctic Division history, a real time capsule. We hope you enjoy this video and a look back in time at a very special Porsche 356 and a view into the hard life in the Antarctic. Thanks for watching the video. Subscribe to the channel to get more Porsche , VW and aircooled content and press the BELL icon to get update about new video------------------------------

Super rare Snow Trac with an interesting history. If it were to come up for sale it would be very interesting to see what it would bring....